Wednesday, June 29, 2011

i'm back with 1000 stOries

fuuh...bersawang abes ah blog ni..haha..npe ye??mm..mstilah sebb tuan die yg sgt malas ni..SARAH NURSYAZMIN MOHD KAMAL. kenal x..hehe
enough bout my laziness..

mmm..title mcm byk story kan...tipu jer tuh..cume tibe2 ak dpt ilham nak karang ayat cket..hehehe

life as I know
something that too obvious
should not be said
but instead...
should be understand by itself
by a gaze of eyes maybe
but it would be to cliche isn't?? means a simple understanding
word doesn't seem important anymore
bcoz word like knife will kill ones heart.
i have feel that
maybe a few times
along this 20 years and 8 month


  1. amboi~~~~ hehehe~~~ ape yg ko merepek tuh! dah2~ tak yah nk touchng sgt~~ =p~

  2. lebih bek ko follow aku whi gmok...

  3. follow mnja balik ye....hehehe

  4. miramalek:hehehe..xkan nk tulis diari lak kat cni..huhu
    nurul:dah ckop lme ak follow ko beb..
    manja:hehe..manjanye awk ni..da follow da..thanx